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Arris 1-Port Cable, Modem, TV, OTA, HDTV Amplifier Signal Booster with Active Return And Coax Cable Kit


  • The BDA-42-1-AR-R is a Bi-Directional Cable TV Amplifier designed for use in homes. Boosts signal by 32x in the forward path and 10x in the reverse path.
  • Compatible with all standard and digital Cable TV services. The amplifier should be installed BEFORE splitters and long cable runs for best results. 1-year warranty.
  • The Active Return Path boosts broadband communications back to the cable company a feature for supporting interactive services
  • Meets all applicable IEEE surge standards for all output ports, which enhances system reliability. Weather seal and protective coating allow use of the amplifier for indoor or outdoor applications. 36" White connection cable included.
  • Active return amplifiers are not intended for use with antennas. Do not use this product with an antenna, only Cable TV.

Amplifier, Cable TV RF Broadband 8dB Gain Four Output 5-1002Mhz w/ Power Adapter


  • Four port amplifier with a passive return path provides an increase of +7.5 db per port. Reduces snow and prevents image pixelation with digital cable, boosts antenna (OTA) signals for distribution to multiple TVs. May improve cable modem performance. May improve HDTV reception.
  • Compatible With All Standard And Digital Cable TV Services, OTA Antenna Reception. Not compatible on systems with an existing amplifier or pre-amplifier. Exceeds all SCTE Standards. Coaxial cables are not included.
  • 6 kV surge protection for protection against lightning strikes. The nickel plated housing provides the excellent corrosion resistant protection against salt fog and rust. 5 Year Warranty (amplifier only)
  • 3 dB Noise Figure provides clean amplification of weak signals to overcome the poor noise figure in TV tuners and converters. 6 kV Combination Wave Surge Protection Unique surge protection on all ports.
  • PTC Short-Circuit Protected UL Listed Adaptor - Self-resetting circuit protection provides safe protection against short-circuits to minimize outage times.

0.01-4GHZ 21DB LNA Premium Ultra Bandwidth Low Noise Amplifier Module Board


  • 【Good Welding Property】: Double sides adopt the process of immersion metal, make the printed circuit surface is stable with color, brightness and smooth coating, good welding property.
  • 【Good Performance】 This product with wide frequency range, high gain, low noise figure. Durable material provides long term corrosion protection, even in salt air enviroments.
  • 【Scope of Application】 Widely used for high frequency or intermediate frequency preamplifier of radio receiver, combiner, repeaters, and distal/digital wireless broadband head equipment, etc.
  • 【Power Supply Voltage】: DC3-5.5V(typical +5V), (typical current value 125mA). Gain: typical value of 21dB@1.9G (Different frequency gains are slightly different ). Input output impedance: 50 Ω.
  • 【Quality Service】 We strive to provide you with high quality and convenient service. You are welcome to contact us if you have any problem about our product, we will give you a satisfactory reply.

Professional RF Cable TV Signal Amplifier with High 50dB Gain


  • Professional-grade cable TV and antenna signal amplifier with high 50dB output level. Supports TV coax cable signal from cable outlet, cable TV box, antenna, DTV, CCTV DVR, MATV or all other RF modulated TV system. Designed for large multi-dwelling units(MDU) that require precise RF amplification with gain and slope adjustments for a professional installation.
  • High-power amplification to compensate for the attenuations of the passive TV distribution components like cable, taps, splitters and cable outlets. Advanced CATV hybrid circuitry providing extremely low-noise figure and minimum distortion. Adjustable gain control and tilt control allows for easy system balancing.
  • Solution in solving the problems of noise, interference and weakness after distribution. Boost RF coax signal with ease for more than 2100FT or 650m if RF TV source signal has fair 70/75dB strength to start with. Boosts the existing CATV or antenna signal strength for greater distance with minimum loss for more TV distribution.
  • Adjustable gain/attenuation to reduce overdriving. Adjustable tilt compensation to allow large CATV systems to be properly balanced and mixed with other CATV or existing RF distribution system. Supports full TV frequency range from 40MHz to 860MHz for analog/digital cable TV, UHF and VHF channels.
  • Anti-Interference module design with advanced noise filer built in. -20 dB Output/Input Test Port is provided for easy trouble shooting. Thunder bolt protection with internal AC fuse built in for high voltage surge events. Aluminum chassis provides excellent heat dissipation and long durability.

Microwave and RF Design, Volume 5: Amplifiers and Oscillators


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Channel Vision 40dB Bi-Directional RF Amplifier With Return Path Amplification


  • Adjustable gain and tilt control
  • Amplified 5-42MHz reverse channel for CATV upstream data
  • Suitable for cable or antenna systems
  • Can be used in front of an RF splitter to feed multiple destinations

HiLetgo 0.1-2000MHz RF WideBand Amplifier 30dB High Gain Low Noise LNA Amplifier


  • 0.1-2000MHz RF Wide Band Amplifier
  • Power supply voltage: 9-12 VDC
  • High Gain Low Noise LNA Amplifier
  • Maximum power output+13dBm 20mW
  • It's low in properties can be a perfect match various circuits as ideal amplifier buffer amplifiers.

5-3500MHz Broadband 20 dB High Gain LNA Low Noise RF Amplifier Module Ham Radio with Shielding Shell for Shortwave FM TV Audio


  • This amplifier has a wide frequency range of 5-3500MHz, and large dynamic range +20dBm@1dBP
  • It has stable gain 20dB typical, and small noise figure 1.3dB typical
  • The broadband low noise RF amplifier is designed with shielding shell
  • It is especially suitable for all kinds of radio frequency receiving front-end circuit to extend communication distance
  • Widely used for short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, cable TV signal amplifier, GPS satellite navigation, 2.4G bluetooth and WIFI receiver RF front-end that need low noise small signal RF to be amplified

Nooelec Lana - Ultra Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) Module for RF & Software Defined Radio (SDR) with Enclosure & Accessories. Wideband 20MHz-4000MHz Frequency Capability with Bias Tee & USB Power Options


  • A wideband (20MHz - 4GHz), high-performance, general purpose LNA module installed in a quality aluminum enclosure
  • Higher gain, lower noise figure, lower power consumption and better linearity than modules based on SPF5189Z and similar LNA MMICs
  • Can be powered through bias tee (3.3V-5V), USB, or DC power with the included adapter. A free male SMA to male SMA connector is also included
  • Made in North America. 2 year warranty!

1-930MHz RF WideBand Amplifier RF Broadband Power Amplifier Module Standard SMA Female 1mW (0dBm) 2 × 2 × 0.6in


  • Operating frequency——Broadband RF low power amplifier is with wide operating frequency from 1 to 930MHz.
  • Easy to use——Not require particularly complicated operations, this power amplifier's installation is simple.
  • SMA female——Standard SMA female RF connector helps such RF amplifier module with easy connection.
  • High quality——With good wiring, such amplifier board's quality is guaranteed, you can use it with confidence.
  • Stable performance——RF broadband power amplifier uses a radiator design to keep long-term stability.

Zerone RF Amplifier, Low Noise LNA 50 to 4000MHz SPF5189Z RF Amplifier for Amplifying FM HF VHF UHF Radio Signal


  • ◎ 【Operating frequency】 This RF low noise amplifier LNA is 50-4000MHz, NF = 0.6dB
  • ◎ 【Application】 It is commonly used as a high frequency or intermediate frequency preamplifier for various radio receivers, as well as an amplifying circuit for high sensitivity electronic detection equipment
  • ◎ 【Wide use range】 This LNA for primary mobile communications base station infrastructure applications such as wireless communication transceiver cards, tower amplifiers, combiners, repeaters and remote/digital wireless broadband terminal applications
  • ◎ 【LNA RF Amplifier】 This is an LNA RF amplifier with a low noise figure that produces lower noise and distortion while amplifying the signal
  • ◎ 【improve the signal-to-noise ratio】 In the case of amplifying a weak signal, the noise of the amplifier itself may be very severe, so it is desirable to reduce this noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the output

5-6000MHz RF Amplifier,Gain 20dB Broadband RF VHF UHF Signal Power Amplifier Module


  • This is a 5--6000MHz RF signal power amplifier with 20dB gain.
  • The power supply voltage is 5VDC, and working current is 85mA.
  • Maximum output power is +21dBm(100mW)@1dB compression point.
  • RF power amplifier is suitable for all types of fixed gain amplification of RF signal.
  • RF amplifier has big dynamic range and wide operating frequency range.

GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier Low Noise Antenna Signal Booster Clears Up Pixelated Low-Strength Channels HD TV Digital VHF UHF AC Power Adapter Black 42178


  • SIGNAL BOOSTER – This amplifier will enhance and strengthen the signal received by your indoor non-amplified passive TV antenna. Amplifiers will clear up any low-strength fuzzy or pixelated channels – in some cases the number of channels you receive may change depending on your distance from the local broadcast towers.
  • LOW-NOISE AMPLIFICATION – Improves signal-to-noise ratio and compensates for cable loss to offer a superior viewing experience. Improves VHF and UHF reception and boosts signals for digital televisions.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Connect your indoor TV antenna to the amplifier the amplifier to your TV the AC power adapter (included) to a nearby wall outlet and perform a new channel scan. This amplifier is intended for INDOOR USE ONLY.
  • U.S.-BASED TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Backed by a limited-lifetime replacement pledge and free U.S.-based technical support that is available Monday – Friday, 7AM-8PM, Central Time to assist with any questions or issues.

Amplifier, Cable TV RF Broadband 15dB Gain One Output 5-1002Mhz w/ Power Adapter


  • The micro-housing allows all output ports of the amplifier to be facing down to simplify coaxial cable wiring in NID enclosures or small spaces.
  • Patented auto-seizing F-port features a “Cam Activated Mechanism” to provide full contact pressure (>2,000 grams) on the center conductor for maximum reliability.
  • True 5-42 MHz return band and full 1 GHz downstream spectrum for more useable bandwidth.
  • Unique surge protection on all ports without the use of arc gaps which may cause high impulse noise during discharge.
  • Self-resetting circuit protection provides safe protection against short-circuits to minimize maintenance costs.

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