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Digital Clock with 16 Alarms & Remote Control, 8" Large AM/PM, Bedroom Wall Day Date Clock for Elderly Seniors Dementia Alzheimer's Gifts


  • 【Exclusive Bonus】- Newly Remote Controller allows setting the digital clock from up to 16 feets away, easier to use for School Kids, Seniors, dementia or Alzheimer's sufferers. This Digital Alarm Clock has 16 Daily Reminders Options, Alarms can be Daily repeat, or repeated on any days from Monday to Sunday.
  • 【Key Features】Multiple text colors helps protect your eyes and meet your color preferences. The Digital Calendar Day Clock has an Auto Switch-On Facility when connected to the power supply. To power the clock off or back on, press the On/Off button. Digital Analog Clock are helpful for elderly seniors with vision impaired or trouble of color distinction. A great gift for the elderly seniors.
  • 【Automatic Time Reset】In case of a power outage, the digital clock will be reset to the correct time and date when the power returns. The clock requires an A/C adapter (included) to operate and Does Not run on batteries. It is shipped with a removable screen protector.
  • 【Easier to Use】Just plug in outlet and the Day Clock gets started up !! Large AM/PM or 24 Hour mode,date mode can be DAY-MONTH-YEAR or MONTH-DAY-YEAR,You can creat your own reminders for school kids, working from home or elderly parents.
  • 【Stylish Design for Décor】- This must be the most delicate alarm clock you've ever seen. It's not only a clock, but also a great decoration for your bedroom and bedside.

Digital Clock with 16 Reminders, 5 Custom Alarms, Remote Controlled, 8'' Large Wall Bedroom Clocks for Elderly Seniors Alzheimer's or School Kids


  • 【Extra Bonus】The digital clock has two ways of control now, by keys or by remote control. The New Remote Controller allows adjusting the clock from up to 16 feets away !! This digital alarm clock has 16 Daily Activities Alarms Options, 5 extra customs alarms, MORE calendar and clock themes, Alarms can be Daily repeat, or repeated on any days from Monday to Sunday. It is a great gift for elderly parents suffering dementia, Alzheimer's or memory loss.
  • 【Key Features】Multiple text colors helps protect your eyes and meet your color preferences. The Digital Calendar Day Clock has an Auto Switch-On Facility when connected to the power supply. To power the clock off or back on, press the On/Off button. Digital Analog Clock are helpful for elderly seniors with vision impaired or trouble of color distinction.
  • 【Automatic Time Reset】In case of a power outage, the digital clock will be reset to the correct time and date when the power returns. The clock requires an A/C adapter (included) to operate and Does Not run on batteries. It is shipped with a removable screen protector.
  • 【Easier to Use for Seniors and School Kids】Just plug in outlet and the day clock gets started, large AM/PM or 24 Hour mode,date mode can be DAY-MONTH-YEAR or MONTH-DAY-YEAR,You can creat your own reminders for school kids, working from home or elderly parents.
  • 【Full Day Customer Service】Our service team is here for you and happy to help answer any questions you may have. The clock is a best gift for the school kids, the workers, and the multiple features that make it as a best gift for the school kids, the workers, and the seniors.

3D LED Wall Clock 15” Remote Control Digital Timer Nightlight Watch Alarm Clock for Warehouse Office Home Living Room,12/24 Hour Display, Brightness to Adjust ( Include Power Adapter )


  • ✅ The led clock is suitable for anywhere, living room, bedroom, office, coffee shop, gym ,warehouse, guesthouse,basement and so on
  • ✅ Multifunction: 12 or 24 Hour Display, Time/Date Display, Temperature Display, Alarm function, Night Light ( Bulit-in a battery for recording time when cutting off power, the clock is powered by USB cable only)
  • ✅ Remote control. the distance is up to about 8~10 meters. (( Warm Tips: the temperature display function can't work normally,and we are still working on this because of software bug,hope you could understand ))
  • ✅ Wide Brightness sensor adjustment, brightness is very comfortable, or you can set it manually, the led wall clock has different levels of brightness
  • ✅ The led clock is powered by USB cable only, not battery. You can hide the power wire behind some items or into the wall, it will be very beautiful to decorate your home. ( please read the ‘User manual’ before you use the product, and keep it as backup! )

Amgico Digital Wall Clock Large Display 11.4" Alarm Clocks with Wireless Remote Control,LED Oversized Wall Clock with Date and Temperature,12/24H,Snooze Alarm Clock for Bedroom Office Seniors


  • ⏰【Remote Controlled 11.4 Inch Digital Wall Clock】 The Amgico digital alarm clock measures a massive 11.4 inches display screen,making it easy to see and read temperature,date and time even from a distance.It's perfect for large spaces,such as gym shops,warehouses,garages,classrooms,Lobby,office,Conference,as well as your living room,bedroom,kitchen etc.
  • ⏰【SNOOZE & 7 Country Languages】Vision impaired clock just have 5 mins snooze time,total have 4 times(include the first time ring),The Snooze time cannot be set. Digital date and time clock have 7 languages: English,German,French,Spanish,Italian,Dutch and DR. US suggest choose"EN" English.
  • ⏰【4 Level Adjustable Brightness 】 The Alarm clock for bedroom have a 4-level adjustable brightness display, you can easily set the screen to your favorite brightness by using the remote control or open the “Auto photosensitive function” . The lower brightness levels make it the perfect clock for your bedroom without bothering your sleep.
  • ⏰【Plug in Clock/Battery Backup Settings】The LED digital wall clock is a plug in clock ,is not battery operated clock,All functions must be displayed by plugging in the power supply.The USB cable is 9.8ft in lengh.(Please Note that the digital alarm clock works electric USB only,and the CR2032 battery just for memory time!)
  • ⏰【Auto Dimming】The LED wall clock you can long press the "SNOOZE" button open the "Auto photosensitive function",then the clock will adjust its own brightness according to the brightness of the environment. In this state, the brightness cannot be adjusted by the remote control. (Please Note:The "Auto photosensitive function" can only be turned on and off by long pressing the "SNOOZE" button of the alarm clock itself.)
  • ⏰【Wall Clock & Desk Clock】The digital wall alarm clock features 3 equally spaced keyholes for easy mounting on a wall. Two foldable stand is also present at the back, to easily prop it on top of table.

Upgrade 3D LED Wall Clock 14.5” with Remote Control, Alarm Clock for Office Home, Adjustable Brightness, 12/24 Hour Display, Night Light, Temperature, Looping Display


  • Multi-function: Date, 12/24H time mode, temperature (℃ or ℉), looping display setting, snooze alarm, automatic brightness adjustment, hangable design suitable for Bedroom, Bedside, Desk, any low wall place close to you for setting.
  • Upgrade Adjustable Brightness & Night Mode:The digital alarm clock provides 4-level brightness, adjust by manual or auto to a comfortable brightness and the LED light will automatically dim during your sleep time to protect your eyes at night and save energy. No blinding lights or any annoying sounds disturb your sleep, create more peaceful environment for sleep.
  • Snooze Alarm: The remote control helps you to easily turn off the buzzer without opening eyes. Or you can get extra 5 minutes sleep by pressing “ALARM” buttons to prevent oversleeping. Perfect for heavy sleepers.
  • 12H&24H Time Display Format: Easy to setup the led clock provide 2 time display format for personal preference.You can simplly press the one button on the remote to switch the time format, 12H or 24H time format just choose the one you like.
  • 100% Satisfaction Warranty: 30 day return & refund policy,18 Months Warranty and free lifetime technical support, contact us via Email at any time, you will get customer service support within 24 hours. Best gift for all people and perfect for home bedside office table decoration or daily use.

TechPlay Karaoke Enabled, 30W RMS, Retro Classic Turntable, NFC Bluetooth, Double Cassette Player/Recorder, CD MP3 Player, USB SD Ports, AM/FM Digital Alarm Clock and Full Remote Control


  • Karaoke machine with tow microphone jacks, volume and echo control. Includes one Professional TechPlay mic.
  • Easy connect NFC Bluetooth technology for easy and quick connectivity technology for easy and quick Connection
  • Double Cassette player/recorder (play/ pause/ fast-forward/ rewind/ record/ stop)
  • 3 speed Turntable with lift-lever, programmable CD/MP3 player.
  • Direct USB/SD recording from Turntable/ Cassette/ CD/ aux in/ FM radio

Mooas 3D LED Wall Clock Big Plus White, Wall Clock, LED Clock, Remote Control Alarm Clock


  • Mooas 3D LED Wall Clock Big Plus White
  • 3D module design that separates the pieces that are slightly right-handed, which fulfills the role of a sophisticated, three-dimensional interior object.
  • Clear high brightness LEDs are distributed throughout the module and are excellent in readability. Able to adjust the luminance in 3 levels. (High-Medium-Low)
  • All controls on the clock are made up of small remote controls! (Calendar, Alarm, Temperature, Stopwatch, Countdown, 12/24H mode)
  • It automatically changes the luminance as low level in the dark space, and changes as the high level in the bright place due to the built-in sensor that detects the light.
  • Countdown timer: With the countdown timer that can be set from 99 min, it is easy to set the desired time based on your needs. Ideal for daily use such as cooking, exercise and when taking a nap or for special events like new year's eve. To set the countdown timer, first press TIMER button. Then, press and hold MODE button to set the countdown time.

Star Projector Night Light Alarm Clock,Ocean Ambient Sound White Noise,Dynamic Galaxy Lighting ,Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Control,Adult Kids Gifts,Bedroom Game Room Party Atmosphere lamp


  • 【Multifunctional laser starry sky projector】- The green laser star has a breathing function, and 7 kinds of rotating LED nebula wave backgrounds (red, blue, green, red + green, red, blue, blue, green, white) can be projected on the ceiling of the bedroom or On the wall.
  • 【Projection alarm clock】-alarm clock for kids has a snooze function, supports 12H/24H display, 2 ringtones to choose from. After setting the alarm, it will ring regularly every day. The size of the ringtone can be adjusted, it will be delayed for 10 minutes, and then the ringtone will ring again, and the screen brightness can be adjusted to protect the eyes of adults and children. Great gifts for boys and girls
  • 【White noise 】-Built-in 3 kinds of natural sounds, the environmental sound has a decompression and relaxing effect, making it easier for people to fall asleep. The wake-up night light has 3 brightness adjustment functions, and it can be used as a small desk lamp at night. The night light has a wake-up alarm function. After the alarm is set, it will slowly light up 30 minutes before the alarm sounds.
  • 【Galaxy Lighting】-has the function of automatically turning off the lights, no need to turn off the lights manually. According to your needs, the automatic closing time can be set to 0.5h, 1h, 1.5h, 2h. You can also cancel the timer function, it will work all night, when using the remote control, please aim at the signal receiver of
  • 【Bluetooth player Pairing】-name: SH01, supports Bluetooth connection of mobile phones and tablets. Play your favorite music. With starry sky projector lights, you can create a variety of relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in the room at night.

Douk Audio Vintage VFD Tube Acrylic Old School Vacuum Tube Alarm Clock with Remote Finished Nice Gifts


  • Please note that driving these tube needs DC 170V high voltage, so when it works please don't take off the shell and don't let children touch it without shell.
  • With rarity: VFD tube was suspended production in 1980s, so it is not only regarded as a art work but also meaningful and practical; With high artistry: its strong retro feeling make you feel in the last century, and can decorate your home more elegant with a unique sense of era
  • With collection value: its complicated craft makes it more difficult to produce for so many processes but its exqiusite design attracts many people's attention; With clear display: the big size of IV-11 vacuum Fluorescent display, the bigger figure and the longer tube make the number more clearly to see
  • With pretty multi-color: it has different flowery colors offering you wonderful visual experience and its changeable lights make you excited; With high physical attractiveness: it is really beautiful especially suitable as gifts for friends, lovers, colleagues, etc.
  • With multi-function: even if VFD tube clock is a product with a sense of age, its functions are still amazing . You can clearly see the time(12H/24H), the date( the lunar or solar calendars), the temperature( degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit), even can set a alarm clock and so on. You will have a full understanding of its functions when you read the English operation manual

VibroSaver Extremely Strong Vibration Bed Shaker Smart Wi-Fi Alarm Clock with Multiple Alarm & Vibration Settings, Immediate Remote Vibration & Voice Control; For Heavy Sleepers, Deaf People & Seniors


  • POWERFUL VIBRATION: This smart Wi-Fi vibration alarm bed shaker isn't for light sleepers. We developed a vibration shaker alarm clock which features an extremely super strong vibration motor which is tailor made for people who can't wake up using normal alarms. This bedshaker alarm clock is perfect for heavy sleepers, deep sleepers, the deaf, the seniors, the elderly, kids, children, teenagers, college students and anyone who needs an extra kick to wake up and get out of bed.
  • VIBRATE NOW: Send a vibration to wake up your family, friends or loved ones immediately remotely from anywhere. The VibroSaver is a smart Wi-Fi vibration alarm clock which allows multiple people to access the Vibrate Now feature. This feature allows users to enable the vibration alarm manually & remotely making it perfect for urgent issues. Simply access the VibroSaver app, click on the Vibrate Now to send a remote manual alarm activation to wake up family or friends immediately.
  • MULTIPLE ALARMS: Through the VibroSaver app, you can schedule multiple flexible alarms on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can create multiple alarms, select the vibration strength (Normal or Strong), customize alarm days and toggle on/off for individual alarm settings. Since the VibroSaver stores all your settings in the cloud, this smart Wi-Fi vibration alarm clock will go off even if your phone is turned off. You also never have to worry about the battery life since it runs on AC power.
  • VOICE CONTROL: This compact bedroom vibration alarm clock has voice controls which allows for all the alarm features to be accessed through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices. You can either connect to an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker to speak to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn alarms on/off or snooze.
  • WAKE UP IN SILENCE: Conventional alarm clocks will emit a loud obnoxious beeping noise which will surely wake up your partner or roommate. The VibroSaver will ensure that even the heaviest, deepest sleepers will be able to wake up through its powerful vibration strength without waking the person beside them. Simply place the VibroSaver under your pillow and wake up to a strong vibration without disturbing your partner or roommate.

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Control,FM Radio,USB Port,TF-Card,AUX-in,Snooze,LED Display,Hands-Free Calls and DIY Ringtone for Bedroom(Color:Black)


  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection:Built-in 4.2 Bluetooth Chip with low power dissipation.The connection range is more than 394 inches, and the connection signal is stable and compatible.Suitable for most Bluetooth devices.
  • Wireless Charging Function:On the top side, there's a wireless charging station for mobile phone or other devices owning wireless charging function. Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/XR/Xs MaX/Xs/X /iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 8/Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S7 edge/S6 etc.
  • Hand-free and dial-up calls:When the mobile phone connect alarm clock by Bluetooth,supporting Hands-free Answerback, with HD noise reduction technology, it provides high definition wireless voice calls when answering the phone.Double-click the "Play/Pause" key to call back the last dialed phone.
  • Snooze function:The sound of the alarm clock gradually increases from small to large. Sleeping time interval is 10 minutes. The alarm clock rings for two minutes. If the alarm clock is not operated, the alarm clock will ring at most five times.When the alarm clock rings, press the REC key for a long time to turn off the current alarm clock, but it does not affect the next day's alarm.
  • Support multiple playback modes and DIY Personality Recording:Support MP3/MP4/Phone/iPad/iPod, TF-card, USB Flash Drive, FM radio playback.In clock mode, you can record your favorite ringtone for 10 seconds

KEiiD Alarm Clock Radios Speaker Wall Mountable with FM Radio Bluetooth 5.0 Snooze Sleep Timer Night Light Dimmer, USB Mp3 Player AUX Line in Headphone Jack 30 Fm Preset


  • Minimalist desktop & wall mountable speaker compacts with multi extral home-use functions such as digital clock, calendar, dual alarms, nightlight, anion air purification, USB MP3 player, Headphone connection, remote control, etc.
  • RMS 2x 5W HiFi speakers deliver crystal clear and comfortable sound, Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, Full band FM radio up to 30 presets, 6.5 ft FM antenna ensures a good reception. USB and 3.5mm line in playback.
  • 12H/24H LED digital clock & calendar with dual alarms. Adjustable alarm volume with FM radio or Buzz optional as the alarm tone. Snooze function allows you sleep 10 minutes more. 30-180 minutes sleep timer auto off after falling asleep.
  • 3 Brightness night light warmly accompany with you while sleeping, 3 levels auto-off timer also available for the nightlight. Built-in Anion air purifier make the air cleaner against dust, bacteria and formaldehyde, etc. good for your health
  • It is an adornment mounting on wall or standing on the desk, also its multi functions are practical no matter day or night in your bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, etc. Best choice as a gift for elders, friends, children, kids

YISSVIC Digital Alarm Clock 8 Inch Large Display Calendar Day Clock with Battery Backup & 12 Alarm Options Ideal for Impaired Vision and Seniors


  • Convenient to Use : With the included remote control, YISSVIC digital alarm clock is easy to set time and alarms or switch into digital picture frame, especially when it is used as a wall clock.
  • Large Screen Display : 8" LED Back-lit Digital Calendar Clock clearly spells out the time, date, month without abbreviation. It's clear enough to look at the time far away.
  • Multifunctional Alarm Clock : Inserting a SD card(not included), the Day and Date Clock can turn to be a digital photo frame to play pictures or videos.With the wall mount hole, you can hang it on the wall of the lobby to decorate your house.
  • Best Gift Idea : This digital clock is the best care for family members, especially for seniors. With 12 alarms and 8 memo settings , it can remind your family members for daily routines like taking medicines, having meals or walking dogs.
  • 9 Languages Display : YISSVIC digital calendar is available to display time,day and date in 9 languages-English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch and Welsh. You can easily set it in your native language.

EAAGD 3D Wireless Remote Digital Wall Alarm Clock, with 115 Color Variations of LED Digital, Voice Control Mode, Remote Controller, 3 Levels of Brightness to Adjust (White)


  • 【3 colors display modes】 EAAGD LED alarm clock built-in 115 kinds of colors. We can choose our preferred color from the 3 display modes: monochrome display, 7-color cycle display, 115 color cycle display.
  • 【Remote Control】Our LED alarm clock with a wireless remote controller enable us operate the alarm clock 3-5 meters away instead of holding the alarm clock in hands to set up as in traditional way.
  • 【3 levels of brightness】The alarm clock has 3 levels of brightness which can be manually adjusted according to our environment. For example, we can choose the darkest brightness at night when sleep.
  • 【Sound control】When we switch to voice control mode, the LED digital screen will be off. And the LED screen will be on only when the ambient sound is over 60 dB, and off again after 16 seconds.
  • 【2 modes for time display】The LED digital alarm clock has two kinds of time display modes for us to choose. One is time display only; and the other one is time-date -temperature to display in cycle.

August MB300 Mini Wooden MP3 Stereo System and FM Clock Radio, with Card Reader, USB Port & AUX Jack (3.5mm Audio in), 2 x 3W Powerful Hi-Fi Speakers and Built-in Rechargeable Battery ( Dark Wood)


  • MP3 Music System and FM Clock Radio with a truly fantastic sound quality
  • USB In and SD Card Reader for playing MP3's from memory cards and data sticks, 3.5mm Audio In for use as speakers for iPods, laptops, MP3 players etc.
  • Alarm Clock with wake me by MP3, buzzer and radio modes plus 2xAA batteries for time backup; LCD Screen with 12 or 24hr time display and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Rechargeable internal battery for approximately 5 hours of playback, charged using the supplied USB power cable or mains plug; Two powerful 3 watt 60mm speakers
  • Supplied with a remote control, USB and Mains charging cables. LED screen automatically turns off after a few seconds so as not to interfere with the night. The light is reactivated by pressing any button on the clock radio or remote control.

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